Windows mobile smartphone apps

Alternative Display Apps

Magnifier – is a screen magnification app that enlarges and improves the readability of the screen contents.

Mobile Speak – allows the information displayed on the screen to either be outputted as speech using Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology or to be outputted to Braille device.

Speereo Voice Reader – utilizes Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology to read a list of messages, selected text, headers, etc.

Link here to find out more about alternative display

Alternative Control Apps

PenReader Touch – handwriting recognition software which enables you to input letters using your finger-tips.

Speereo Voice Launcher – starts any app/web-page/document with your own voice command.

Speereo Voice Organizer – is a voice operated organizer. It offers you to use your voice to schedule your meetings, set reminders, read and write mail, set tasks, organize contacts, and dial numbers.

ZoomBoard – an application designed to make entering text on the Windows Mobile touch screen easier by providing 3 different zoom modes and providing a range of keyboard layouts.

Link here to find out more about alternative control

Augmentative Processing Apps

Kai’s Dictaphone.Net – a voice recording app for your Windows mobile device.

Voice Recorder – this app turns your mobile device into a voice recorder and audio player.

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Resources for Windows mobile smartphones

Visit the Windows Phone for more information about their phones and how to customize it to suit your mobile preferences.

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