Augmentative Processing

Augmentative processing tools enables the user to accomplish tasks with less typing and/or quicker performance time.

Animated Signing Characters

a 3-d modelled signing avatarAnimated signing characters are a technology for displaying signed communication without the necessity of displaying a digitized video of a human signer


Grammatical Support Tools

an image of the words: verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, pronounsGrammatical support tools allow people who have difficulties with grammar to make their computing and writing tasks much easier.


Haptic Devices

an image of a haptic deviceA haptic interface is a device which allows a user to interact with a computer by receiving tactile feedback. This feedback is achieved by applying a degree of opposing force to the user along the x, y, and z axes.


Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software, also known as concept mapping, is used to create relationships from concepts, ideas and information.


Text-to-Speech Software

Text to speech imageText-to-Speech software allows you to convert written text on the computer (e.g. from word processor document, web page) read out loud.


Word Prediction Software

Word prediction imageWord prediction technology is used to assist with text entry. Word prediction software assists with reducing the number of required keystrokes, by predicting the word you are typing and the next word based on word frequency and context.