Chemistry Sim with accessibility features

PhET Interactive Simulations has published their first chemistry simulation Molarity with the following accessibility features:

  1. Alternative Input (or diverse input) – keyboard, touch, mouse, and VoiceOver gestures on iOS
  2. Sonification and Sound – meaningful sounds that help all students (option available to mute the sounds)
  3. Interactive Description – states and responses that are dynamic using screen reader software
  4. Interactive Description on iOS – states and responses that are dynamic using VoiceOver and its custom gestures

Alternative input and sonification are available without assistive technology (#1 & #2). To access interactive descriptions you will need to use the latest screen reader of your choice: VoiceOver, NVDA or JAWS and the appropriately paired browser Safari, Firefox, and Chrome (#3 & #4).

You can play with Molarity and use it in your learning journey for free at the following link:

All of PhET’s simulations with Accessibility features can be found at the following link: