• Use simple sentences (subject, verb, object)
  • Use correct grammar
  • Use verbs in the active voice rather than the passive voice. Example: use “Mohammed mailed the letter” rather than “the letter was mailed”
  • Use positive language and avoid the negation (e.g. expressions like can’t, won’t, unable to)
  • Address the person, not a group
  • Approach the student in a direct and personal way (e.g. use the pronoun “you” instead of talking about “the student” or “he or she”)
  • Avoid the use of pronouns because the reader has to infer to what subject they refer
  • Use simple and commonly used verb tenses such as present, simple past, and simple future
  • Avoid inversions between the verbs and subject (e.g. “Into the room sauntered a king penguin”)