Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the workshops run?

All of the workshops take place over a three-week period.

Who are the workshop moderators?

Each workshop moderator is an expert working in that particular field. They all have experience moderating workshops and are skilled at creating inviting and stimulating online learning environments. They are informed and dedicated educators!

Do I have to register for all the workshops at one time? Or can I take the one workshop now, and register for other workshops later?

It is up to you which workshops you would like to take. We strongly suggest registering for all the workshops you are interested in as early as possible. Enrollment for a workshop is limited to 15 participants.

What is the workshop content like?

The workshop content is current, engaging, and intended to be easy to read. Each workshop starts with an outline and a set of learning objectives. The content is broken down into weekly modules. Participants are encouraged to focus on one section each week, by reading the content and then going on to discuss any related issues and their experiences in the Discussion Forum. Participants are also expected to complete weekly assigned activities by posting their responses to the discussion forum.

What is the Discussion Forum?

The Discussion Forum is a tool for online classroom interaction. It is here that you can communicate with the Moderators and other workshop participants. The Discussion Forum is used to share ideas, resources, and discuss the activities related to the content. Simply type out and post your response to a question or an activity. You can also read and respond to other participants’ postings. The workshop moderators will respond to your postings and answer any content related questions. Participation in the discussions is required to receive a Certificate of Completion and Workshop Badge.

Are there homework assignments?

There are activities to complete each week, many of which take the form of a brief, one paragraph response, though some weeks may require a bit more involvement.  An example of an assigned weekly activity is “Respond with an action plan to the following classroom scenario…” If you would like to receive a Certificate of Completion or Workshop Badge, you need to actively engage in responding to weekly activities as well as postings in the Discussion Forum.

Are there set classroom hours?

All the workshops are online. They can be accessed at any time and from anywhere! You can read content or post responses in the Discussion Forum, after the children are in bed, on your lunch break or if you can’t sleep, during the middle of the night!

There are two workshops running concurrently in the schedule. Can I enrol in both?

Yes! It is entirely possible to enrol in and complete two workshops that are running at the same time.