Chapter Three – Learning to Read and Write in Primary Grades

In the introduction, we discussed the results of research that showed that blind children who learned to read and write using Grade One Braille had higher test scores than children who learned to read and write using Grade Two Braille. There were no exceptions. It continued over time. For those who later switched to Grade […]

Bits and Bits

Short Excerpts from other presentations Preschool Primary Grades Elementary Grades Secondary School Adult Learning Disabilites General INSERTLINKLATER Preschool  Primary Grades Elementary Grades Secondary School Adult Learning Disabilities General

Grade One Braille: An alternative for some Blind People

For some blind people, Grade Two Braille has opened doors to better education, literature and employment. For others, Grade Two Braille has closed those doors. However, Grade One Braille can keep the doors open for many more people. It is evident to insightful teachers of braille that the complexities of Grade Two constitute an additional […]

Chapter One – Research and Experience

INTRODUCTION The first chapter contains excerpts from speeches given by the author. Some portions have been updated. 1. Grade One Braille – An Alternative for Some Blind People presented in 1988 in London, England 2. Braille Literacy presented in 1990 in Edmonton, Alberta 3. Bits and Bites short excerpts from other presentations INSERTLINKLATER

One is Fun

A Teaching Guide for Introducing Braille to Kids by Margoie Troughton ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Appreciation is expressed to the National Literacy Secretariat of the Government of Canada and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind for their financial assistance for this project. ISBN 0-9697308-0-2 Copyright 1992 by Marjorie Troughton, All rights reserved Introduction Grade One Braille uses […]

Alternative mouse systems

Using a mouse requires a certain type of manual dexterity, therefore, alternative pointing devices are important for inclusion. Alternatives include trackballs, joysticks, trackpads, switches, and transmitter or reflective dots. A Trackball is a stationary device that holds a ball that you can freely maneuver in any direction. It separates the movement of the pointer from […]