Alternative Display Apps

Eyes-Free Shell - turns your Android phone into an eye-free mobile device; provides a one-touch access to Android applications
IDEAL Magnifier - turns your Android phone into a portable magnifier
KickBack - provides haptic feedback. Works with augments TalkBack and SoundBack
Mobile Accessibility - screen reader that provides spoken feedback
Speaking Pad - a talking notepad. The notepad will speak as you type.
SMSpeaker - will read SMS messages out to you
Sound Back - produces non-spoken auditory feedback
Speaking Pad - A talking notepad for Android. This notepad will speak what you type.
Talkback - a screen reader that provides spoken feedback for Android applications
Talking Caller ID - will speak the caller ID info
Talking Compass - will speak your current heading and provides haptic feedback as your cross over any of the cardinal directions
Talking Dialer - provides spoken feedback as you dial a phone number on the touch pad.
Text-To-Speech Extended - a text-to-speech library for use by other apps
Webtalk - reads aloud web pages


Alternative Control Apps

StartTalking - hands-free and eyes-free messaging app that allows you to use your voice to send and reply to messages, dial to friends, post to Twitter and Facebook, etc. Incoming texts are spoken to you.
Tecla Access is a set of open software and hardware tools that facilitate access to electronic devices for people with a mobility disability.


Augmentative Processing Apps

iAugComm - turns your Android phone into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device, which can enable individuals who are non-verbal to communicate using a simple, icon-based interface more easily and effectively.
Moon + Reader - eBook reader for Android phones that supports Text-to-Speech technology

Resources for Android Smartphones

Android Accessibility is an introduction to using Android phones for people with low vision or no vision who want their phone to speak.

Apps4Android is dedicated to developing free or low cost Android apps that enhance the quality of life, independence, employability and educational success of individuals with disabilities.

The Ideal Group’s Android Accessibility Project - aims to make Android smartphones more accessible. The target markets are Android Smartphone users who: are blind; have low vision; have other types of print disabilities; are 65+ years of age; never learned to read; use English as a second language; use languages other than English as their native language; and wish to use their smart devices in an eyes-free environment.

Eyes Free project: provides a list of available apps and games that are speech enabled. 


App Store: Android Market

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