ICT and Classroom Management

By Hajer Chalghoumi

The integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom produces both expected and unexpected problems such as addressing the learning needs of technologically low and high competent students, teaching with few computers in the classroom and selecting the right teaching strategy. Delayed or broken equipment, noisy or bottlenecked printers, and software problems add to teachers’ frustrations. Faced with such problems, it is not surprising that teachers in their first experiences with technology focus their energies on changing their classroom management strategies rather than on becoming instructionally innovative. For them good management is a prerequisite for promoting effective learning with technology. This section suggests practical strategies for an efficient classroom management. It is divided into the following sections:

Where to Begin? – will guide you through the steps that have to be undertaken in order to plan your teaching activity in a technology-rich classroom (or lab)

Take Action – After planning your action, comes the time to really manage your classroom. This section will provide tips on how to manage your classroom.

Software for Classroom Management – This section will provide a list of software that are used in schools to monitor computer based activities.