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New tool to convert Word docs to EPUB 3

The Daisy Consortium has created a tool that converts Word documents (on Windows) into EPUB 3 documents.

EPUB is a digital format for reading publications on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. EPUBs include rich navigation and various accessibility features. The EPUB files created with the Daisy tool can be used in a wide variety of reading apps on any platform. It also has the ability to personalize visual features such as colors, font, text size, and layout. Many reading apps that are used to access EPUB files have other useful features built in such as read aloud, note and highlight feature, bookmarks, and support for electronic braille.

The Daisy Consortium supports open standards and helps develop inclusive publishing ecosystems for everybody.

Find out more about WordToEPUB.

Learn more about creating inclusive EPUB 3 in Floe’s Inclusive Learning Design Handbook.


Inclusive Design for Learning: Creating Flexible and Adaptable Content with Learners

Globally, children with disabilities are disadvantaged in the school environment. Some studies have shown that they are also disproportionately represented among out-of-school children (Saebones et al., 2015). Inclusive Design for Learning provides a means to address this crisis of exclusion of persons with identified and unidentified disabilities, which may be permanent or episodic. Through the individualisation and adaptation of learning materials enabled by open education practices and the flexibility of digital resources, excluded or struggling learners can be included, to the benefit of all learners. This Knowledge Series paper introduces the dimensions of inclusive design as it applies to learning and focuses on the design of diverse learning experiences to help optimise learning opportunities for all learners.

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Are you looking forward to understand inclusive design issues for learning? Here comes a succinct publication from @COL4D contributed by colleagues from @idrc_ocadu and my colleague @bettyogange https://twitter.com/COL4D/status/1321146574303420416

@COL4D new publication, Inclusive Design for Learning, provides a means to address the crisis of exclusion of persons with identified and unidentified #disabilities. @bettyogange #PWD #inclusion #learning #resources


"My most accessible experiences have typically happened because I've encountered people who are sort of organically willing to work with me on the spot—and who are creative thinkers and just open to doing things differently." Shermeen Khan on @cbctapestry https://www.cbc.ca/radio/tapestry/lgbt-refugees-welcomed-by-toronto-church-being-blind-in-the-pandemic-1.5737946/this-woman-says-being-blind-has-helped-and-hindered-her-life-during-the-pandemic-1.5738641