About the WORKSHOP Moderators

Roseanne Elliott

Roseanne Elliot moderates SNOW’s Developmental Disabilities workshop. Roseanne is a retired consultant who has worked for more than thirty years with students with developmental disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing students, from preschool to secondary school, as an Itinerant Teacher and Intake Teacher. For several years, she worked with medical team members, parents and children with multiple exceptionalities, in a parents/infant, home visiting program. She also has experience as a Principal, for summer school programs, for students with multiple exceptionalities. Roseanne continues to be a workshop and seminar leader for teachers, principals and school resource staff.

Roseanne was involved with the formation of parent groups, providing needed information, resources and support. As part of writing teams, she contributed to the development of resource and curriculum documents. She served as a member and president of the board of directors for a non-profit organization offering services to children, youths and adults with special needs.

Dean Huyck

Dean Huyck is an award-winning educator and teacher in the truest sense of the word. He is a scholar warrior with vast life experiences ranging from abuse survivor, world class athlete, university coach, wildlife biologist, artist, musician, and parent. Dean initially worked extensively in a variety of high school classroom settings and subject areas. His path naturally progressed into one with more of a mental health focus and worked for a number of years in adolescent day treatment in association with McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Dean is currently working as a specialized education resource teacher or SERT within the Trillium Demonstration School, which supports students with severe learning disabilities and any associated comorbid concerns. Through his various experiences, he has collected a wealth of experience to compliment his ability to empathize and strategize with individuals of all backgrounds. Dean is a much sought-after presenter, and has presented in a variety of settings on a range of topics. His presentations include full day seminars on topics such as Challenging Student/Teacher Interactions, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health in the Classroom, and Motivation, as well as an extended series on Mindfulness in Education.

Cindy Perras

Cindy Perras is the English Educational Consultant with the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, working as a member of the LD@school Team and Advisory Committee. Cindy is an educator with 35 years of experience in special education, as a teacher, Consultant, Co-ordinator, and parent. Her professional qualifications include a Masters of Education degree from Brock University, a Bachelor of Education degree from the Ontario Teachers’ Education College, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor, and a Specialist in Special Education; additionally, Cindy has completed the PhD coursework at OISE/UT. Cindy enjoys researching and writing articles for LD@school, connecting with Ontario school district administrators and educators, and assisting with planning for the Educators’ Institute.

Erica Posthumus

Erica Posthumus has been an Educational Assistant with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board for over ten years, where she has worked closely with students who have a variety of learning needs, especially students with autism spectrum disorder. Erica recognizes the importance of trust, and successfully establishing relationships with students and their families that result in a safe and comfortable, yet challenging, learning environment. Although she has also worked with students with various of exceptionalities, Erica has specialized training in working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder and brings a wealth of experience from working with students and adults of various ages and across the spectrum.

Outside of the school system, Erica has had the opportunity to take part in Special Olympics events from a coaching standpoint. She enjoys seeing her athletes grow not only in physical abilities but socially as well. Erica also works with adults with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities, supporting their participation in the community, learning job skills, and developing life skills to increase independence.